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David-guitar teacher


David is a World-Jazz Guitarist, Composer and Music Educator from Scotland. He spends most of his time travelling the world Performing Solo Concerts and collaborating with world-renowned musicians as well as giving Master Classes, Workshops and teaching one to one lessons through Skype.

David is currently looking for enthusiastic pupils worldwide from complete beginners to professionals, who are keen to take advantage of learning from an experienced professional musician.

Riccardo-guitar and bass teacher

Riccardo-guitar teacher

I have been playing bass guitar for 25 years. During this time I have performed in numerous bands and been involved in recording material as well. I have been teaching bass for the last 5 years and love sharing my knowledge with others. I am also a qualified elementary/primary teacher and relate well with children who are learning guitar/bass for the first time. I look forward to teaching you my rates are very reasonable. Beginners to intermediate.

Abel - guitar teacher(Flamenco/classical)

My name is Abel. I am a Flamenco and classical guitar professional player and teacher. I have performed in Sevilla for 3 years (1987-1990) with the great dancer Alonso Pavon and the authentic gypsy singer Jesus Montoya. In September 1990 I played in the Biennale of Flamenco in sevilla with the flamenco singer Juan Reyna. I also played in theaters, television programs and famous festivals in Israel, Argentina, Romania, Greece and Japan. I teach Flamenco guitar using a unique method that prepares guitar players to play professional flamenco guitar and perform with dancers, singers and other musicians. I have a classical guitar teacher diploma and another diploma of contemporaneous music studies. In my lessons I use notes, tablatures, music softwares and videos. I believe technology helps students to learn and to practice in a fun and effective way.

Abel-flamenco guitar teacher

Zac-guitar teacher


Zac has been playing music for over twenty years, and teaching for twelve. His educational experience includes degrees and studies from The Drummer’s Collective, Piano Collective and Berklee College of Music and he has taught at many music schools. Zac with a backgound in special education focuses on providing a lesson curriculum based on the individual needs of the student where he can use his talent and training to make an improvement in the overall musical skills and appreciation of his students. Zac teaches ages 4 to adult.

Jonathan-guitar teacher

Jonathan - guitar teacher

My name is Jonathan. I have been playing guitar and bass guitar for the past 26 years. I am trained in classical guitar as well as jazz guitar. I have played in various jazz, big band, disco and rock groups over the past 19 years and I absolutely love an eclectic range of musical genres. I am a fully trained secondary music teacher and I have worked as a music teacher and a director of music in secondary schools over the past 10 years. My qualifications for teaching include both a BAHons degree in media studies and music technology and a PGCE in music education. I look forward to teaching levels from beginners to intermediate.

Pete - guitar teacher

Pete was once asked what kind of musician he is. His reply? Committed and dedicated. He embraced the instrument for the first time at the age of 12. Teaching has always been a fundamental part of his work. He has taught hundreds of students and several of them are now involved in music projects, bands or in the entertainment industry. His students consider him a skillful and well organized tutor, able to focus on the bad points in order to obtain quick improvements and excellent results.

Pete-guitar teacher

Chris - guitar teacher

My name is Chris and I've been playing guitar for 14 years.  I started out taking private lessons and was instantly hooked. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of music with others and exposing students to new techniques and musical concepts.Every individual has his or her own goals that they want to accomplish on the guitar. Some want to learn it all (technique, music theory, etc.) while others would be happy if they could simply learn to play one of their favorite songs. I won't push you to learn anything that isn't essential to your main goals. I want you to enjoy picking up your instrument everyday!

Chris-Guitar teacher

Gregory- guitar teacher

Gregory-Guitar teacher

Gregory has been teaching a variety of stringed instruments since age 16 and now works with students of all ages and levels all around the world. He currently offers guitar, violin, piano, and ukulele lessons through Skype. He specializes in making his instruction fun, informative, and entirely personal to each and every student. Gregory loves working with kids and teens, but adults will also do just fine. Bring the whole family. If these aren't the best music lessons you've ever received, your money will be refunded.

Brison- guitar teacher

My name is Brison. I have 10 years of experience teaching 'shred' style heavy metal guitar (a rather synchronous technical style) and have helped hundreds of students meet their greatest potential. Professionally, I have done work for two film scores and a few music interview television series’ broadcasts. I have an advanced educational background in arts and humanities. In addition, I interned for six years in a professional studio dealing with a wide range of professional recording artists. I am a signed black metal musician/recording artist (that is, I perform everything in the studio). I am here to help you reach your goals at maximum capacity in your guitar educational journey, while also keeping it as fun as possible (no compromises on the technical end). Included with each skype lesson, I will provide short and simple written assignments in order for me to keep track of where you are at.

Brison-Guitar teacher

Neven- guitar teacher

Neven has played guitar for 20 years and taught for 9 year. He teachers beginners, intermediate students and upper-intermediate guitar students. Neven specializes in teaching rock, blues, swing, and pop music.

Neven-Guitar teacher

Gemma - guitar teacher


I specialize in classical, pop and rock music and songwriting. My main instruments are voice, violin and guitar.  With excellent rates you can afford to learn to play that instrument you have always wanted to learn, or work on your existing skills. -

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Suzana - guitar teacher

My name is Suzana and I have been playing a guitar for 9 years. During that period I have been playing with various blues and rock musicians, and now I'm focused on exploring the theoretical world of music, ways of improvisation and music teaching. I have been teaching music for 3 years and throughout that period I have learned how to help people individualise their own style, truly understand music and  communicate with music, both in the methodological and abstract sense. I will be very happy to help anybody who wishes to find something more through music.  

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