Tushar-Tabla Teacher

DaPaul- Voice/PianoTeacher

Erin has a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Flute Performance.

Neven- Guitar Teacher specializes in teaching rock, blues, swing, and pop music.

Rob-Bass Teacher


Raisa-Piano Teacher

Ed-Guitar Teacher

Abel-Flamenco/classical Guitar Teacher

We offer Guitar Lessons-Bass Lessons-Mandolin Lessons
Banjo Lessons-Ukulele Lessons-Violin Lessons-Viola Lessons-Drum Lessons
Conga Drum Lessons-Voice Lessons-Cello Lessons-Piano Lessons
Trumpet Lessons-Sax Lessons-Oboe Lessons-Bassoon Lessons
Flute Lessons-Piccolo Lessons-Clarinet Lessons-Harmonica Lessons
Celtic Harp Lessons-Tabla Lessons-Music Theory

Look for us on Skype and please say hello! Our skype name is: skypemusicschool.